Chains, Gall chains, chains for conveyors, made of acid-proof and heat-resistant steel, sprocket-wheels.


Łańcuchy, toczenie CNC Chains

     Łańcuchy, toczenie CNC Roller machining
     Łańcuchy, toczenie CNC Sleeve machining
     Łańcuchy, toczenie CNC Pin machining
     Łańcuchy, toczenie CNC Train machining
     Łańcuchy, toczenie CNC Plate machining
     Łańcuchy, toczenie CNC Custom machining

Łańcuchy, toczenie CNC Sprockets

Łańcuchy, toczenie CNC CNC machining

Łańcuchy, toczenie CNC Rim repair machines


We would like to present you with the catalogue of the chains manufactured in "WŁOMET" s.c. The ever increasing requirements regarding reliability and competitiveness of our products pose a challenge for us and require constant efforts to satisfy our Customers’ needs the best we can.

We are at your service to provide you with advice regarding the best choice, design and use of the chains which we manufacture. In response to your requests for technical details and quotation, we send you our information materials.
You are more than welcome to pay us a visit at our premises. We do hope our cooperation to be successful.
W also believe that this catalogue will provide both our Customers with the required information and "WŁOMET" s.c. with many satisfied Customers.

Best regards
Włodzimierz Śpiewak


Łańcuchy Galla    Łańcuchy Galla    Łańcuchy Galla   
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